Donald at the Bat – Day 1019, We Gather Together (parody of Christian hymn for Thanksgiving time)

Day 1019, We Gather Together  (1) 


We gather together to start the impeachment.

We’re hearing and cheering as facts become known.

Republicans stalling but polls are now calling;

Impeachment’s in the air as polling has shown.


Republicans know that the man they are backing

Is greasy and sleazy, belonging in jail.

Trump’s basal mentation and Christian castration

Mean: don’t assume the facts will always prevail.


Pelosi and Schiff are our leaders triumphant,

Defining, refining, as crimes are exposed.

There’s witness reporting that Trump was extorting

Such misdemeanors mean that Donald is hosed.


(1)  We Gather Together was originally a Dutch hymn from 1597, Wilt heden nu treden, written by Adrianus Valerius to celebrate a victory over the forces of Phillip II, of Spain at the Battle of Turnhout.  It is now a popular Thanksgiving hymn in America, brought here by the Dutch Reform Church. The music used today was written by Eduard Kremer in 1877.  English words were written by Theodore Baker in 1894.