Donald at the Bat – Day 1020, Three Dictators (parody of We Three Kings of Orient Are”)

Day 1020, Three Dictators (1)


We, three kings of Asian descent,

Rule the land with Donald’s consent.

Uzbekistan to Kurdistan,

We rule with Trump’s assent.

Oh…Like a serpent, we will coil,

Make all Asia roil and boil,

US fading, we’re invading,

Soon we’ll have the Saudi oil.


Putin has Trump under control.

Is Trump in a financial hole?

Now it’s Turkey getting perky,

And, what is the Persian’s role?

Oh…Persia’s also raising hell.

And they don’t like Israel.

Donald scooting, Turkey looting,

Threaten Israel as well.


Russia sits on oil and gas,

Lots of gas for Putin to pass.

Putin glowers; Donald cowers,

Mired in a a deep morass.

Oh…Donald kneels before the czar;

Putin is his guiding star.

Abdicator to dictators,

Donald’s attitude: bizarre.


As we’re watching Vladimir’s rise,

Coupled to the Donald’s demise,

House impeaching, Donald screeching,

Caused by all Donald’s lies.

Oh…Donald jumps when Putin calls;

Putin has Trump by the balls.

Putin squeezing, Donald wheezing,

Trump’s behavior just appalls.


(1)  May be sung to, “We Three Kings of Orient, Are,” by John Henry Hopkins, 1857.  One might argue that Trump is leaving western Asia to three dictators: Putin of Russia, Erdogan of Turkey, and Ayatollah Ali Khameni of Iran (Persia.)