Donald at the Bat – Day 1018, Civil War?

Day 1018, Civil War? (1)


Louie Gohmert’s threatening

Civil War, just like Steve King.

If we throw the Donald out,

Red States will, without a doubt,

Take up arms against the Blues.

They’ll explode; don’t light the fuse.


And Steve King is really pissed.

He’s a white supremacist.

Brown skins coming here so fast

Mean America can’t last.

Keep our country pure and white.

Mixing colors just ain’t right.


Donald has his bigot base

For the 2020 race.

They all wear their MAGA hats

And they hate the Democrats.

They love Donald, guns, and God,

In that order, rather odd.


Is it one more Civil War

That the future holds in store?

Wave your Bible; wave your gun;

Don’t look now but it’s begun.

Christianity askew.

Is this what their Lord would do?


Must Trump’s era end in blood?

Right now it’s just creeping crud.

Bigots fought for slavery;

Even fought with bravery.

That did not make their cause right.

We’ve still not erased the blight.


(1)  This may be sung to”Rock of Ages,” but it’s not necessary.  “Rock of Ages” was written by the English Reverend Augustus Toplady in 1763.  He was traveling and found shelter from a sudden storm in a cleft in a rock formation called Burrington Combe.