Donald at the Bat – Day 1017b, Donald Trump is Moving

Day 1017b, Donald Trump is Moving 


Nobody in New York likes Trump

So Donald will decamp

With his approval in a slump,

He has a stomach cramp.


So Florida will be the place

(With old, New Yorker Jews?)

That Trump will make his new home base,

We just learned on the news.


So Mar a Lago will become

The Donald’s residence.

The back-yard golf course is a plum

Protected by a fence.


So, no more crowds and noxious boos;

That cause Trump such malaise.

He’ll have control of crowd milieus

And only hear their praise.


New Yorkers will bid Trump goodbye

And some will even cheer.

They’ve long lost patience with this guy

And none will shed a tear.


Now Trump is not a threat to shoot

Folks on Fifth Avenue.

It’s on Palm Beach to prosecute

Whatever Trump might do.