Donald at the Bat -Day 1017, Mediicare for All

Day 1017, Medicare for All 


Are we preserving profits or delivering health care?

Insurance and drug companies charge more than we can bear.

Their profits suck too many dollars from our health care plans.

Since other countries solved this problem, should we look elsewhere?


In Scandinavia they have healthcare for everyone.

It costs two thirds of what we spend when all is said and done.

They fund it with their taxes but no premiums to pay.

And they have better outcomes. Is that worth a trial run?


From Sanders and from Warren, we have Medicare for all.

“It’s socialized!” the critics cry but we know prices fall

As profits for big pharma and insurance are reduced.

Though everybody’s covered, the Republicans all stall.


Health premiums will vanish, so some taxes have to rise

And Warren says she’ll place that burden on the richest guys.

But they’ve bought lots of Congressmen to help them shield their wealth.

Do we think Lizzie Warren can defeat what this implies?


Big pharma, big insurance have a stranglehold on health.

They use the healthcare industry to generate more wealth.

Providing us with healthcare, not their top priority,

It’s simply making money, in the open, without stealth.


Big money thus considers Medicare for all a threat.

That’s clearly why we haven’t got a program like this yet.

Healthcare for everybody or big profits for a few—

A healthcare fight is coming soon.  Who’ll win it? Place your bet.