Donald at the Bat – Day 1014, Impeachment Train (parody of ‘Wabash Cannonball’)

Day 1014, Impeachment Train (1)


From the great Atlantic Ocean to the wide, Pacific shore,

Impeachment train’s a’comin’; hear the whistle; hear the roar.

The Democrats pour on the coal; the boiler’s full of steam.

Pelosi is the engineer and Shiff conducts the team.


The Donald’s filled with worry; will the train take him away?

They’re planning the impeachment route and leave in one more day.

The Donald’s tweets are panicky; you almost hear them wail.

And everybody asks themselves: will Donald go to jail?


Instrumental break:


The Democrats have tickets now and they are all aboard.

Republicans are holding back; they’re not of one accord.

But boiler pressure’s building and we all hear Nancy call,

“Impeachment train is leavin’ like the Wabash Cannonball.”


From the great Atlantic ocean, spreading all across the land,

We hear the whistle blowin’, as the coal fire flames are fanned. 

The boiler steam is building; temperature is on the rise.

And Donald Trump is panicked for it might mean his demise.


Instrument break:


Now listen to the jingle and the rumble and the roar.

They’re spreading through the woods and plains and up and down and shore.

The Democrats are all aboard; they’ve figured out the route.

Impeachment train’s a’comin’ now to carry Donald out.


(1)  May be sung to “The Wabash Cannonball.”  The first lyrics to this melody were written in 1882 by J. A. Roff and called, “The Great Rock Island Route.”  In 1904, William Kindt rewrote the lyrics as “The Wabash Cannonball.” It has been recorded many times. Perhaps the best known is by Roy Acuff in 1936.  Every recording has some version of the chorus beginning: “Now listen to the jingle….”