Donald at the Bat – Day 1013, Katie Hill

Day 1013, Katie Hill


Katie Hill, Katie Hill,

You just took a bitter pill.

Your nude photos brought you down;

They’ve been spread all over town.

What is wrong with posing nude

When you’re in a sexy mood?


Or for Michelangelo,

Or more artists, who we know

Paint and sculpt the undraped form,

In art schools, part of the norm?

And, if you like groups of three,

What is that to you and me?


Katie Hill, Katie Hill,

Why were you put on the grill?

Your affairs some can’t abide,

(Though they get some on the side.)

Or was it a power play,

Heedless of whom you may lay?


Smart, effective, on the rise,

Pointing out the Donald’s lies,

Trump screwed Playmates and porn stars;

Right wing Christians see no scars.

Female, liberal, Democrat,

You’re permitted none of that.


Katie Hill, Katie Hill,

Right wing indignation, shrill.

Did revenge porn cause your fall?

Marriage dissolution brawl?

You have just been put through hell.

As for me, I wish you well.