Donald at the Bat – Day 1012, US Intelligence

Day 1012, US Intelligence


All US Intelligence agencies

Concluded the Russians had interfered

In 2016, so Donald could seize

The presidency but what Donald feared

Was this information made him look bad.

So he asked Vlad Putin if it was so,

Then told the whole world, (obeisance to Vlad)

Was there interference?  Putin said, “No.”


But then, Intelligence got something right,

Abu Baghdadi, terrorist, dead.

They tracked his whereabouts, and in the night,

“He died like a dog,” is what Donald said.

They made him look good; now Trump sings their praise,

But make him look bad, and he condemns them.

That’s standard for Trump, to have it both ways.

All things on this Earth revolve around him.


Intelligence: useful, if Trump agrees,

But if he doesn’t, it’s partisan, fake.

Intelligence agents: job not to please,

But to find facts, which may cause a headache.

But to find facts, for which Trump has no use

Frustrating at best and futile at worst,

Not knowing each day if praise or abuse

Will follow and then, just might be reversed.