Donald at the Bat – Day 1011, Al Baghdadi Is Dead

Day 1011, Al Baghdadi Is Dead 


“Abu Bakir al Baghdadi is dead.

“He died like a dog,” what Donald Trump said.

Leader of ISIS’ defunct “caliphate,”

This poisonous serpent has lost its head.


A terrorist who had founded a state,

Who, thanks to the Kurds, lost his caliphate,

A terrorist with no safe place to hide,

Just like Bin Laden, who met the same fate.


Now, is the world safer, since this man died?

(When trapped, he chose to commit suicide.)

Al Qaida fights on and ISIS as well.

And we’ve lost allies who stood by our side.


The Middle East is a smoldering hell,

Where three great religions arose and dwell.

Where peace has been short and wars have been long,

Where kingdoms and kings rose up and then fell.


This land inspired stories, poetry, song.

Peace plan after plan just seems to go wrong.

Where Hebrews, Egyptians, Mohammedans, Rome,

Founded their kingdoms and claim they belong.


Descendents of all (the Church came from Rome,)

Now claim it’s their right to call this land home

When you read history, they are all right.

The land and its people are polychrome.


War’s not the answer; no one has the might

To break the “others” of their will to fight.

Beheading one serpent will not bring peace.

Who’ll lead us from darkness into the light?


Wouldn’t we all like to see these wars cease?

Who of us wants the death toll to increase?

Jews, Christians, Muslims, all one family,

Can brothers and sisters finally find peace?