Donald at the Bat – Day 1010, Our National Character (no day 1009)

Day 1010, Our National Character 


We’re learning things about ourselves as we live through this age.

Hypocrisy runs rampant; you don’t have to be a sage

To see it swirl around us; politicians are the worst,

Complaining their opponents do the things that they did first.


We teach our children not to lie, then look the other way

When Trump prevaricates.  He tells a dozen lies a day.

And those who first condemned him now kneel down to osculate

The mistletoe on his coattails, since he is Head of State.


We tell our kids, “A deal’s a deal, so hold fast to your word.”

But when Trump gives his word, where is the clean end of that turd?

Trump breaks deal after deal and yet he still retains support.

If you ask Trump to pay his bills, then he’ll take you to court.


We cite our Constitution and the Good Samaritan,

And then put kids in cages when they have too deep a tan.

Our standing in the world is falling; we’ve lost all respect.

We’re siding with dictators, lots of dots there to connect.


What does this say about us, all these things we tolerate?

Is Trump the cause or the effect?  They’re hard to separate.

Hypocrisy, lies, breaking deals, and money as our god,

The implication is: our character is deeply flawed.