Donald at the Bat – Day 1015, The Emperor Without Clothes

Day 1015, The Emperor Without Clothes 


The stripping of the Emperor is formally begun.

Each article of clothing goes, until he’s left with none.

The Democrats cry, “Take it off,” though not a pretty sight.

His body is decaying fat; small kids recoil in fright.


Just punishment for all his crimes, he’ll now be brought to shame.

Base voters still support him, though it’s he alone to blame.

Since sycophants surround him, singing, “Lord, we worship you,”

The Emperor can’t understand when crowds begin to boo.


They voted a procedure for removing all his clothes.

When Trump has been exposed, will his career come to a close?

The Democrats say, “Show us more,” although they are repelled.

Republicans say, “We can’t look,” though they will be compelled.


Some bodies, nude, are beautiful but Trump’s not one of those.

So, if we have to look at him, it’s better wearing clothes.

Perhaps, when we strip Donald, we can also glimpse his soul.

Though I’m afraid we won’t see much; it may be black as coal.