Donald at the Bat – Day 1002, 13,000 Lies

Day 1002, 13,000 Lies 


It’s thirteen thousand lies and counting in one thousand days.

Prevarication, pants on fire, misleading statements, haze.

Can Donald tell the truth from fiction?  There’s great doubt of that.

The Donald’s rather like a Jew who’s mired in bacon fat.


Is Hillary’s computer server hidden in Ukraine?

It’s thoughts like that that emanate from Donald’s fevered brain.

Wind power windmills may cause cancer while they’re killing birds.

He’ll contradict himself the same day.  Who cares? It’s just words.


Could it be amorality or just stupidity?

We know for sure that part of it is Trump’s cupidity.

The Democrats are trying to make Congress work for us.

While Trump looks for the next one he can push beneath the bus.


So, lying, plotting, paranoia, criminality,

Yes, all of these are parts of Donald’s personality.

It’s sad to watch the president, see him disintegrate.

It’s also very scary since he’s still the head of state.