Donald at the Bat – Day 1001, Putin’s Tool & 1001 Arabian Nights (as told by Donald Trump

Day 1001, Putin’s Tool


If Donald Trump’s not Putin’s tool,

Who’d be a better one?

Trump looks like such a total fool;

Consider what he’s done.

Now Erdogan Assad, Khamenei and Vlad Putin smile

And Trump’s saluting Putin.  What’s the Russian word for “Heil!?”


When Donald Trump dumped our allies,

One phone call, all it took,

Trump showed the world our country lies;

Our leader is a crook.

Now who will make a deal with us?  What country trusts our words?

Especially after what the Donald just did to the Kurds?


This deep wound to our character,

No medicine can heal.

For Trump’s a slippery marketer

Who’s known to double deal.

Steve Bannon’s goal to deconstruct the state has been achieved.

For anything our country says now cannot be believed.


1001 Arabian Nights (As told by Donald Trump)


We spent a lot of money in Iraq.

We got no oil and got no real estate.

Now you object to Erdogan’s attack.

That’s not our problem; leave Kurds to their fate.


When we fought ISIS, Kurds fought by our side.

The Caliphate is gone thanks to their help.

Eleven thousand Kurdish soldiers died.

That’s good for us.  Why do I hear you yelp?


This ethics and trustworthy stuff is crap.

We had no deal; there was no warranty.

The Middle East has always been a trap.

(And Erdogan might seize my property.)


Are Netanyahu’s kishkes gurgling?   (1)

Since Donald showed the Kurds his broad backside?

With Donald, was it worthwhile snuggling?

Could Bibi be the next Trump casts aside?


  1. Kishkes, Yiddish for a dish of stuffed intestines.  Freely, guts or bowels.