Donald at the Bat – Day 1,000, Washington DC Oktoberfest (parody to “In Muenchen steht ein Hofbrauhaus”)

Day 1,000, Washington DC Oktoberfest (1)


Back east, where the Potomac flows,

There’s a stench, so hold your nose.

On Pennsylvania avenue,

Dwells someone we must bid adieu.

We want the White House pure and good;

Trump moved in the neighborhood;

And, bit by bit, decay began;

We must get rid of this man.


Trump is the worst of presidents.

Let’s impeach him!

We have a mound of evidence.

Let’s impeach him!

His base is bigots and the rich.

Let’s impeach him!

An emperor without a stitch,

Whose ass is kissed by Moscow Mitch.

And Donald courts white supremacists,

And what about Trump’s porn star trysts?

Schwanz:  (2)

And what about Trump’s porn star trysts?


(1)  May be sung to Hofbrauhaus Lied (In Muenchen steht ein Hofbrauhaus) a song written in 1935 by Wilhelm Gabriel in Berlin, not Munich.  The melody is attributed to Gabriel’s friend, Klaus Siegfried Richter, who borrowed from pre-existing melodies.  It is probably the best known Oktoberfest song outside of Germany.

The song has many verses and the well-known chorus.  I have written one verse and one chorus. There are lots of versions on You Tube.

Let’s impeach him!

(2)   An attempt at a German joke.  A repeated line at the end of a song is called the coda, Italian for “tail” or “tail end.”  Schwanz is the German word for “tail.”