Donald at the Bat – Day 1003, Here Come the Democrats

Day 1003, Here Come the Democrats 


It’s Lizzie and Joe and Bernie and Pete,

Possibly Kamala and…Klobuchar?

The other Democrats look like they’re beat;

Their campaigns don’t look like they will go far.


As Biden is fading, Warren comes on.

Bernie has suffered a mild heart attack.

Buttigieg brightening like rosy dawn,

Harris is peeking just over the pack.


But what about Amy, her strong debate?

Will she raise the cash to stay in the fight?

Nobody knows how debates might translate.

Is it too early to kiss her goodnight?


Donald is panicked like Custer that day

As Democrats mount and shout, “Hoka hey!”  (1)


(1)  A Lakota (Sioux) battle cry, probably best translated as, “Let’s go!”