August 26, The Mugshot

Will Donald’s Georgia mugshot be iconic?
Will it be viewed as serious or comic?
The Donald’s pictured balefully scowling,
Suggesting that Trump knows his fate is karmic.
The mugshot shows Trump balefully scowling;
If we could hear his picture, we’d hear growling.
When Jack and Fani really start their squeezing,
Then we might hear Trump’s growling change to howling.

When Jack and Fani start the gonad squeezing,
Poor Donald might get chest pain and start wheezing.
And when he gets a skin rash, red and itching,
He’ll realize that justice isn’t teasing.

A reddish-orange rash, persistent itching
From justice, undeterred by Donald’s bitching.
For Donald Trump such justice is demeaning
Exposing all the BS he’s been pitching.

A jury trial for Donald is demeaning.
For he cannot ignore its plain-text meaning,
That justice may have him incarcerated,
The nation safer by such quarantining.

Yes, Donald Trump might be incarcerated,
His crimes exposed, no longer venerated.
Though he is still supported by our foolish,
His crimes and fraud cannot be tolerated.

With Donald Trump appealing to the foolish,
And to some selfish rich, who have turned coolish,
If Donald Trump is sentenced to the confinement
Support will dwindle to the foolish mulish.

If Donald Trump is sentenced to confinement,
Will ever fewer folks still in alignment,
Then view imprisonment like crucifixion,
And campaign for some savior-like enshrinement?