August 25, Trump’s Height and Weight

In Georgia, Trump stood six feet three and weighed just two fifteen.
As president, he was six two, two forty three, (not lean.)
When Trump stood by Obama, who is listed as six two,
Trump wasn’t any taller; pictures show that’s clearly true.

Compared to well-known athletes, who are two fifteen, six three, (1)
When looking at their photos, there are differences we see.
Their bodies slender, muscular, without Trump’s belly fat,
So Trump told us another lie; by now we’re used to that.

The numbers that we read were self-reported measurements,
So, it is no surprise they smell like bovine flatulence.
Trump does not look too lean and svelte when he is photographed,
Could Donald be his model? Michelangelo’s ghost laughed.

Trump lies about most everything, including height and weight.
What will be the next lie he tells? We won’t have long to wait.
The next time that he says something, the next time that he tweets,
There’ll be some lies in there: some new, some old that he repeats.

(1) Muhammad Ali, Derwin James, Joe Burrow, Eric Gordon: look them up.