August 24, The TV Show

Republicans and Fox put on a show,
A presidential candidate’s debate.
We all heard Donald say he would not go.
His lead in all the polls was just so great,
That Trump decided he’d go with the flow,
And not risk barbs thrown by the other eight.

There were no candidates up there on stage
Who showed they’re worthy to be president,
And Trump, though absent, showed he could upstage,
All those who showed up; clearly evident.
Since Trump was not required to engage,
His armor did not show a single dent.

If Trump becomes a convict, his support
Will not diminish in the MAGAtry.
And, if Trump is found guilty in a court,
Some candidates said they would set him free.
They’d pardon Donald, who tried to abort
The Constitution, joining treachery.

We heard some calling climate change a hoax,
And most said Pence was loyal to his oath.
While ethicists who watched were having strokes,
Most candidates there pledged to Trump their troth.
The audience was clearly Trumpist folks;
The Big Lie’s their pervasive undergrowth.

Some candidates would not support Ukraine,
Implying they would just let Putin win.
So, once again, they played Trump’s old refrain,
For Xi and Putin are Trump’s kind of men.
Democracy is circling the drain.
When Trumpists say that we should just give in.

The data show that Donald Trump’s a crook,
A crook and, even more, incompetent.
Since Smith and Fani Willis threw the book,
Will all the millions Trumpist minions sent
Serve, as they hope, to get Trump off the hook,
Or will a prison cell mark his descent?