August 23, Putin’s Pissed Off

Some Russians fall out of high windows;
That’s one standard way Russians die.
Today, one more foe of Vlad Putin,
Prigozhin, fell out of the sky.

Yevgeny Prigozhin led Wagner,
His own private army of thugs.
But Yevgeny turned against Putin;
Now he’s dead and Vlad smiles and shrugs.

The Donald says he admires Putin,
He’s short but knows how to use height.
From planes in the sky to high windows,
His enemies drop out of sight.

Since Donald can’t do this to Biden.
He tried something more indirect.
He could not cause Biden to stumble,
Instead, he tried to insurrect.

Since Trump didn’t want to leave office,
He tried overturning the vote.
But Pence would not follow instructions,
And Donald fell into the moat.

And now, Donald dreams of high windows
And planes that fall out of the sky.
That’s how Putin gets rid of problems;
And Putin is Trump’s kind of guy.

America isn’t like Russia,
And Trump can’t just kill all his foes.
So Donald must face prosecution,
An emperor, wearing no clothes.