August 22, What’s Wrong With Evangelicals?

Hear twice impeached, four times indicted Donald, as he bleats,
That “Biden’s” prosecutors and “his” judges are all cheats.
Though it was Donald who committed ninety felonies,
To charge him is a “fascist” and a “socialist” disease. (1)

Joe “weaponized the DOJ” (as Donald tried to do.)
And, never mind that what the DOJ has charged is true.
Is Trump complaining that Joe Biden’s better at his job?
That must be galling to a would-be don of his own mob.

The puzzle, evangelicals: what do they see in Don?
In no sense has the Donald put the “gospel’s armor” on.
Trump doesn’t stand for Jesus; he stands up for just himself. (2)
As bibles and as hymn books gather dust upon a shelf. (3)

What’s wrong with Trump supporters? Greedy rich, we understand
But why should evangelicals be Donald’s to command?
He lies and cheats in business; he’s unfaithful to his wife.
In no sense then, does Donald lead a Christ-inspired life.

This much is obvious to anyone with eyes to see,
That Trump won’t bring Christ’s kingdom, for he says, “Your king is me!”
And evangelicals still genuflect and supplicate.
Now, is that sound that we just heard, God slamming heaven’s gate?

Why are the evangelicals so easily deceived?
Do disappointments in their lives leave Christian folks aggrieved?
Has Trump played them for suckers, based on faith they have professed?
Do they think that supporting Trump means grievances redressed?

We know that Trump will go on trial unless, of course, he wins.
Then justice will be blown away with hurricane-force winds.
The evangelicals believe they’ll get theocracy
But Trump will be the only god in his autocracy.

(1) Fascism and socialism are quite opposite philosophies. Trump needs to pick one. And so far, Trump is charged with 91 state and federal felonies.
(2) See “Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus,” hymn by George Duffield, 1858. The most popular melody is by George James Webb, 1837, written for another song.
(3) See “Dust on the Bible,” by Johnny Bailes and Walter Bailes, 1945.