August 20, Global Weirding

In California, we get forest fires, not hurricanes;
Hawaii expects tidal waves and inundating rains.
But Hilary hit LA and Lahina was burned down;
Hawaii had a forest fire and Californians drown.

Is this the “global weirding” of which Thomas Friedman wrote? (1)
The price of global warming, threatening to sink our boat?
This year’s July has been the hottest month that’s ever been.
We must wake up and recognize the doodoo we stand in.

9:00 AM: As Hilary is moving, she’s lost some of her power;
The cooler ocean waters damped down wind speed, hour by hour.
But she still carries lots of rain, almost like Noah’s flood;
The soaking of the hillsides brings the threat of sliding mud.

1:00 PM: The rain is steady, wind picks up, the tallest treetops waved.
Soon we will reap what we have sown because we misbehaved.
1:30 PM: Our windows shut, the Tesla’s charged, now we must sit and wait.
What’s left of Hilary is coming to our Golden State.

2:00 PM: The TV news has just reported Hilary struck land;
In Baja, streets are rivers and we’re seeing them firsthand.
The rain and floods that we expect are happening next door.
In just a few more hours, we know that rain will start to pour.

And meanwhile, there are fires up north that rain will never reach.
Will such disasters Nature sends now be enough to teach
Us all that climate change was caused by things that we have done?
We have to face reality; there’s nowhere else to run.

4:00 PM: The rain is falling harder now and tall trees start to bend.
It isn’t yet full force but we now have both rain and wind.
And now we hear an earthquake has just struck north of L.A.
With fire and floods and earthquakes, is this Armageddon Day?

5:00 PM: As Caesar once remarked, “The die is cast,” or, “Let dice fly!” (2)
We know the storm is coming as we watch the clouds pass by.
8:00 PM: Although it kept on raining, the strong winds veered to the east.
11:00: The TV weather lady said one person was deceased.

Morning: Now wind and rain have passed on through; Nevada, Utah now.
And we were lucky on the coast; we were bypassed, somehow.
And this should be a warning, the results of climate change,
Will hurricanes start hitting us, as currents rearrange?

A last remark on Hilary…why did she hit us here?
If God were watching closely, then His target should be clear.
Why not hit Mar a Lago where the Donald lives in style?
Right now all liberals are perplexed as we see Satan smile.

(1) Thomas Friedman’s column in the New York Times, 12-02-2007. The term, “global weirding” was originally coined by Hunter Lovins to describe the overall weather changes caused by global warming.
(2) “Alea jacta est!” what Julius Caesar supposedly said when he led his army south across the Rubicon river, north of Rome. This was a big no no. No general was supposed to have his legions in position where they might attack Rome.