August 17, GOP Demise

Republicans disgrace themselves supporting Donald Trump.
And that might mean their party’s buried in the garbage dump.
A convoy can’t sail faster than the slowest in the fleet.
To cater to the Trumpists, bigots, nitwits risks defeat.

We know that Donald Trump views his base voters with disdain,
Extracting tens of millions to fund lawyers and campaign.
To Trump, “the base” is his cash cow that keeps on giving milk.
Did Donald learn from Falwell who is easiest to bilk?

The GOP has lots of candidates for president,
With those who criticize the Donald risking banishment.
So most of them just kiss the ass of Donald’s bigot base.
Brown noses do not earn support in this primary race.

And Trump’s indictments also have not hurt him in the polls,
Suggesting that the GOP has sailed onto the shoals.
With officers afraid of what their least skilled sailors think,
A ship that has such officers and crew will likely sink.

And Charles Darwin’s evolution also may apply,
For species not adapting to environments will die.
Republicans supporting Trump oppose modernity
And have a very narrow view of their community.

The essence of biology is lots of variants
Who all must work in harmony, avoiding dissonance.
Lack of cooperation risks community collapse.
Democracy might fossilize unless Trump’s base adapts.

Trump’s GOP is dangerous; should they be voted out?
That means all who support him: whether leader, thug, or lout.
If they don’t lose their power, they’ve no stimulus to learn.
If they don’t lose, then our democracy will crash and burn.