August 16, Poor Rudy

Oh, woe! is Giuliani since the tables turned on him.
A former RICO advocate, his fortunes have grown dim.
He used the statute to convict the capos and their don. (1)
Now he’s “hoist with his own petard,” a soldier for his Don. (2)

He prosecuted for the feds; now he’s a racketeer.
So, what was it that shifted Rudy’s ethics out of gear?
It might be scotch and bourbon, for we know he drinks a bit.
Your judgment often stumbles when you walk around half lit.

Is Rudy Giuliani headed straight for durance vile?
But what if he cooperates, a new page in his file?
If he convinces judges that he’s turned from bad to good,
He might not die in prison, although many think he should.

“Oh, how the mighty have fallen,” and similar clichés, (3)
A smoking pile of feces where a bright brain used to blaze,
He hitched his wagon to Trump’s star in hopes he would get rich.
But Donald Trump has stiffed him, what a foolish place to hitch.

He says, as Trump’s attorney, he must advocate for him.
Does that excuse the lies he told; what will courts say of them?
A lawyer’s not advising when he helps commit a crime,
That’s the “crime, fraud” exception; Giuliani may do time.

So Rudy Giuliani knows his ass is in a sling,
A lawyer who turned racketeer, in service of his king.
He told too many public lies, which we’ve seen on TV,
That fueled an insurrection and a near catastrophe.

Time for cooperation: Rudy should sit down to talk,
He might stay out of prison; there’s no reason he should balk.
Since Donald Trump won’t pay him, Rudy’s “ties that bind” are loose.
So, Rudy, call up Fani Willis and beg for a truce.

(1) “Capo” in Italian means “head.” In the Mafia the capos are the officers. The “don” is “il capo di tutti capi,” “the head of all the heads.
(2) “Hoist with his own petard,” see William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Act 3, Scene 4. A “petard” is a bomb. The phrase means a soldier who is blown up by the bomb he is planting.
(3) “O, how the mighty have fallen,” is David’s lament on hearing of the deaths of King Saul and his son, Jonathan, in a battle with the Philistines. See 2nd Samuel, 1: 19-27. It’s just a guess but I doubt that King David would lament the fall of Donald Trump or Rudy Giuliani.