August 15, Four Indictments

O! Donald, O! Donald, indicted again,
This time down in Georgia, the wages of sin.
This time it’s a RICO charge (for racketeers)
And Donald Trump’s crying big crocodile tears.

Eighteen co-conspirators were also charged
With forty one counts, Donald’s troubles enlarged.
Eighteen co-defendants: now, who will flip first?
Who first will plead guilty? Then will the dam burst?

Republican candidates for president
Still won’t attack Donald: they stay reticent.
And Trump is belligerent in all his tweets,
Encouraging MAGAts to fight the “elites.”

For Trump, four indictments with ninety plus counts
Of felonies, which a true Trumpist discounts:
Two federal cases and two for state courts,
And all of them felonies, not civil torts.

As Rudy and Meadows and Eastman as well
And others, less well-known, all stare into hell,
Who’s thinking of flipping? Who will be a “rat”?
And who will Trump threaten? We know he does that.

O! Donald, O! Donald, you’re way up the creek;
Defenses and sphincters are starting to leak.
You face RICO charges, aimed at racketeers,
Which, if you’re convicted, means you’ll do five years.

With Trump and his henchpersons all doing time,
Will that be how Donald ends his life of crime?
In an orange jump suit that matches his face,
The Donald, at last, will be put in his place.