August 13, Trump’s Disease

Is Donald’s narcissism a disease?
He lost to Biden for a second term.
Since Donald thinks that he’s the biggest cheese;
Defeat was something he would not confirm.

So Donald Trump cooked up the charge of “fraud,”
His only explanation for defeat.
Since Donald ranks himself up there with God,
To lose to Biden meant Joe had to cheat.

The fact that Trump’s team found no evidence
Just meant the cheaters covered all their tracks.
And that means Trump thinks it is self-defense
To fight Joe’s cheaters with his wild attacks.

Since Donald could not possibly have lost,
Not even violence was out of bounds.
And on 1-6, that boundary was crossed,
When Trump’s conspiracists unleashed the hounds.

Now Trump has been indicted for his crimes,
So he has charged that Jack Smith is deranged.
And charges like that bring on scary times,
Because we know Trump’s mind cannot be changed.

If Donald understood that he got beat,
(For that’s how Smith’s indictments make it look,)
Then Trump engaged in criminal deceit,
Which merits time in prison as a crook.

Insanity or criminality:
What is the Donald’s optimal defense?
We’ve all seen his irrationality,
Appealing only to the very dense.

Is narcissism Trump’s fatal disease?
Defeat was something he could not conceive.
With Donald’s mind fragmenting by degrees,
It is himself he’s managed to deceive.