August 28, Anthony Comstock

Here’s the story of Anthony Comstock,
A famous American prude,
Who considered all sex education,
As criminal, (as well as lewd.)

Some conservatives, anti-abortion,
Used Comstock’s (unnatural) Act
To forbid mailing of Mifepristone,
The FDA’s judgment, hijacked. (1)

Judge Kacsmaryk has banned Mifepristone; (2)
An appeals court upheld his ban.
Must all women bear unwanted children,
Forced by a religious, male’s ban?

They have injuries that are “aesthetic,”
Thus complained some doctors who sued.
Ultrasounds that do not show a fetus
Incurably shattered their mood.

So, returning to Anthony Comstock,
Who thought that all sex was “obscene.”
For Comstock, to discuss reproduction,
Would blight every soul, like gangrene.

When the Comstock Act passed out of Congress,
March 3rd, 1873.
Birth control and all sex education
Were felonies, grand larceny.

All citizens who were caught mailing
Information on sex would do time.
And all pills that induced an abortion,
Meant sellers committed a crime.

The Comstock law is used by right wingers,
Enforcing outdated belief
Of religious disciples of Comstock;
Will Trump’s Court grant women relief?

(1) Mifepristone has been used in this country for over 20 years and in Europe for 40 years. It has a better safety record than Tylenol.
(2) April 8, 2023, 150 years after the Comstock Act was passed by Congress.