August 20, Tardigrade Tough

August 20, Tardigrade Tough (1)


Is Donald Trump proving he’s “tardigrade tough”?

Or is Donald just full of bluster and bluff?

Maintaining influence and adipocytes,

Shows Trump can survive when the going gets rough.


If Trump can maintain all his adipocytes

And even increase them through long legal fights,

He may share gene sequences with tardigrades,

Although they’re as small as the tiny dust mites.


If Trump shares gene sequences with tardigrades,

That partly explains Donald’s poor college grades.

For tardigrades have just a one neuron brain

And Donald is known for “word salad” tirades.


The tardigrade does not survive on its brain.

It won’t come inside to get out of the rain.

And yet, it does fine if it’s wet or it’s dry.

It’s no intellectual, that much is plain.


The tardigrade lives when it’s wet, when it’s dry.

While Donald survives on good luck and Big Lie.

A tardigrade lives, though its cells dessicate,

While Trump lives with prison and bankruptcy nigh.


A tardigrade lives, though its cells dessicate

And Donald survives although courts judicate.

So, that’s what it means to be tardigrade tough.

If Trump is defeated, he won’t abdicate.


Yes, that’s what it means to be tardigrade tough,

Survival whenever the going gets rough.

In good times and bad, they both will survive

But now, here comes Garland, whom Trump cannot bluff.


  • The tardigrade is a fascinating creature, resistant to freezing, periodic dessication and large doses of radiation. See Science News, July 16 and 30, 2022, pp 30-31.  The picture sort of reminds me of caricatures of Donald Trump.