August 19, Trump’s “MAGAts”

August 19, Trump’s “MAGAts”


Trump’s MAGAt candidates are doing pretty well.

They’ll lead the GOP in its descent to hell.

Ignoring evidence, they charge election fraud,

But Trump, the biggest fraud, is one whom MAGAts laud.


Trump’s MAGAt candidates campaign on his Big Lie,

That Biden stole the vote.  Trump’s charges multiply.

When MAGAt candidates, as Covid 19 spread,

Campaigned against vaccines, believers wound up dead.


Liz Cheney drives Trump nuts; his voters threw her out.

But Lizzie isn’t through, of that we have no doubt.

Her loss was foreordained; Liz neither cried nor mourned.

Her aim: to finish Trump; beware a woman scorned.


Trump stole some documents when voters made him leave.

Excuses are BS; the crap MAGAts believe.

Why steal these documents; some highly classified?

Those who’ve done this before, know they risk being fried.


With Donald’s GOP, Democracy’s on trial.

Campaigning on Big Lies is risking durance vile.

But MAGAt candidates will gladly risk this fate,

Applying for a job, espousing lies and hate.


Can Donald’s GOP survive his leadership,

A base that dwindles to “Truth Social” readership?

And, when it’s dwindled down to Donald Trump’s hard core,

Will violence erupt into a shooting war?