August 18, Donald Loves Himself (parody to “Jesus Loves Me”)

August 18, Donald Loves Himself (1)


Donald loves himself alone,

Narcissistic to the bone.

He demands our loyalty;

In Trump’s mind, he’s royalty.


Chorus: So, we must love him.

We must adore him.

We must believe him.

Just Trump, himself, alone.


Trump is like Pinocchio;

Daily, we watch his nose grow.

Master of mendacity,

No use for veracity.


Chorus:  So, we must love him….last line: And watch his ego grow.


Donald thinks he cannot lose;

Biden beat him with a ruse.

If Trump goes down to defeat,

That just means that others cheat.

Chorus: So, we must love him….last line: The Donald cannot lose.


Donald tried to stage a coup;

There was nothing else to do.

Though courts threw his lawsuits out,

True believers stayed devout.


Chorus: So, we must love him….last line: Support the 1-6 coup.


Trump’s gonads are in a vise;

Merrick Garland is not nice.

If search warrants prove a crime,

Donald Trump may do some time.


Chorus: So, we must love him….last line: Trump’s lies are not a vice.


When Trump lies in his defense,

His lies don’t make legal sense.

Stuff he took was classified;

That gets some folks crucified.


Chorus: last line: So, we must love him….And stand in Trump’s defense.

Donald is a narcissist

And self-serving publicist.

We support the Trump cabal;

Evil now is so banal. (2)


Chorus:  last line: So, we must love him….The lying narcissist.


Although Trump was twice impeached,

Moby Dick is not yet beached. (3)

Since the white whale’s been harpooned,

Prosecution’s been fine-tuned.


Chorus: So, we must love him….last line:Though he was twice impeached.


  • May be sung to, “Jesus Loves Me,” original poem by Anna Bartlett Warner, 1859. The melody was added in 1862 by William Batchelder Bradbury, who also added the chorus.  It is a favorite Sunday School song for Christian kids.
  • The Banality of Evil is a concept introduced by philosopher, Hannah Arendt, in 1963 in, “Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil.” She points out that many of those Nazis who actively participated in Hitler’s “Final Solution” were just common, everyday folks.  Adolf Eichmann had been a travelling salesman before becoming a major planner and executive officer of The Final Solution.  Daniel Goldhagen’s, “Hitler’s Willing Executioners,” 1996, also makes this point but adds a lot about German history, attempting to explain why the Holocaust had a German origin.
  • See “Moby Dick,” by Herman Melville, 1851.