August 21,  Classical Greek Tragedy

August 21,  Classical Greek Tragedy


A classical Greek Tragedy: Trump ran for president,

Exposed himself as criminal, beyond all precedent.

And now he’s caused his own downfall through lust and greed for power.

His avarice, unlimited, may bring his final hour.


Trump’s narcissism spoke to him: “You must be prominent

“And prominence is not enough; you must be dominant.

“Democracy—no use to you.  Elections may be lost.”

A failed grasp at autocracy: now Trump must pay the cost.


He raised a Trumpist army, ragtag anti-Democrats.

If they can win elections, then we’ll have kakistocrats,

Plus plutocrats, and theocrats, no hint of competence.

And all because one narcissist demanded dominance.


Now Trump divides our country: those who think he’s Jesus Christ

With those who think Democracy needs to be sliced and diced,

Against the lovers of democracy and right to vote,

Who think, with Donald on the bridge, the Ship of State can’t float.


Could our republic be destroyed by just one man’s disease?

So many good, white “Christians” bowing down to Donald’s sleaze?

Here is the painful topic which we’re now forced to discuss.

Is Donald Trump the problem?  Or, is the problem us?


If one man has charisma, is that quality in him?

Or, in his congregation: granted to the man by them?

So, if we want to stop a charismatic autocrat,

His minions must reject him; he’s the demon they begat.