April 5, 34 Count Felony

April 5, 34 Count Felony


First Cohen paid off Stormy for a deed Trump “did not do.” (1)

Then Donald Trump paid Cohen back and our suspicions grew.

Then Cohen went to prison; (Weisselberg’s still doing time.)

Now Trump has been indicted as the ”Don” of all the crime.


Indicted in Manhattan: thirty four count felony.

Hush money was called, “legal fees,” a complex larceny.

And then the fraud expanded as Trump’s people cooked the books.

Why?  Get Trump elected president: that is how it looks. (2)


Trump says that he’s “not guilty,” though the facts say otherwise.

And almost everybody knows how often Donald lies.

So laying ladies, cooking books, and calling that “fake news,”

Has now got Trump indicted, which he blames on Blacks and Jews.


Then, after his indictment, Trump shot off his mouth again,

Attacking both DA and judge, which will not help him win.

Poor Donald cannot help himself; he loves to run his mouth.

But that does not play well except in Red states and the South.


One bright spot for the Donald is: fundraising’s going great,

With loyal Trumpists chipping in at an astounding rate.

The Donald claims ten million bucks since charges were announced.

Of course, that too may be a lie, if donor checks have bounced.


We have until December for all motions to be filed

And Trump to run his mouth and see if this judge will get riled.

But most of what Trump’s team will do will be just to delay

So he can’t be convicted before next election day.


And still, there are Atlanta, Mar a Lago, and 1-6;

More criminal indictments will be thrown into the mix.

And then add Tish James, E. Jean Carroll, civil suits and rape

To Donald’s troubles and you’ll see his future’s in bad shape.


  • Over the years, Trump has gone back and forth about this encounter with Stormy Daniels. He has said he did not do it and also said he paid the hush money so Melania would not be embarrassed by what he did or “did not do.”
  • This is the basis of the indictment: that Trump paid off Stormy and others so their news would not negatively impact his campaign for president. That’s what turns a misdemeanor (falsifying business records) into a felony (election finance fraud.)