April 4, Today in History

April 4, Today in History


In 1968, on this very date,

Martin Luther King, Junior met a cruel fate.

Gunned down by a bigot but that fatal shot

Did not block the march of rights for which King fought.


Wisconsin today: people vote to elect

A judge to their highest court.  Whom they select

Will decide if their women will gain the right

To have an abortion, an ongoing fight.


And Finland was welcomed to NATO today,

An action to Vladimir Putin’s dismay.

He hoped Ukraine’s slaughter would make NATO weak.

But NATO was strengthened; Vlad Putin’s hell week.


And students in Nashville are boycotting school,

Demanding some action from those who now rule.

Ongoing mass slaughter is blaring alarms;

What do we value, children’s lives or firearms?


And, by the way, Trump is charged with his first crime,

Some thirty four counts, for which he may do time.

False records, (denied,) but the charges are true,

Trump pleaded, “Not guilty.”  That is a lie, too.


And now for the ironic twist on this date,

When MLK and DJT met their fate,

Alvin Bragg, a black man, charged Donald today;

Without Doctor King, maybe no black DA.