April 27, Cult of Personality

April 27, Cult of Personality


A cult of personality

Affects all Trumpist devotees,

Divorcing from reality

All those who harbor this disease.


It spread like Covid through the groups

Of maskless acolytes packed tight,

Who then jumped through the Donald’s hoops

As Trump defined what’s wrong and right.


Belief in Trump shrinks testicles

Of those who join or fear his cult,

Creating fluid principles,

Which was McCarthy’s sad result.


Trump cultists trashed the Capitol,

And, on that day, five people died.

A crime that should be capital,

But parts of Donald tumified.


Trump’s cult of personality,

Afflicted craven Congressmen,

Who, showing their venality,

Will back Trump should he run again.


Traditional democracy,

Which Donald’s cultists don’t respect,

Would transform to autocracy,

Trump’s narcissism left unchecked.


When Donald Trump politicized

Responding to the Covid threat,

And scientists were ostracized;

The lives of cultists paid the debt.


Is this a pact for suicide,

Trump’s cult of personality?

They die because their leader lied,

A fatal filiality.