April 29, Feds Raid Giuliani

April 29, Feds Raid Giuliani

The Feds just crawled up Rudy Giuliani’s orifice.

Did Donald’s gut begin to churn when first informed of this?

They took computers, thumb drives, cell phones, which they think will show

The evidence of Russia’s scam to bring Joe Biden low.


Did Trump and Giuliani serve as pawns of Vladimir’s,

With Ukraine as a blanket just to cover up their rears?

At least this was election fraud and treason comes to mind.

Indictments they may face depend on what the Feds will find.


Trump never pardoned Rudy for whatever he had done,

Unless it was in secret; either way, we’ll have some fun.

Might Rudy rat on Donald just to cover his own ass?

Has Donald been colluding?  Just how deep is this morass?


Were Trump and Giuliani’s conversations privileged?

Does that mean evidence must be redacted and abridged?

But lawyer-client privilege can’t cover up a crime,

If both were co-conspirators and we expect such slime.


Do you recall the interview where Rudy waved his phone

And said he had insurance, if his cover might get blown?

Well, now the Feds have got that phone (and Rudy’s policy?)

Might that be evidence of Putin-Trump conspiracy?


Will fans start flailing feces and, whose shorts are being stained?

Will Vladimir be smiling if the Donald gets arraigned?

He had success with Donald sowing chaos in the West

And weakening democracy, which was his lifelong quest.