April 25, More Ron Johnson

April 25, More Ron Johnson


Is Senator Ron Johnson dumb?  Or selfish?  Both at once?

From what he says, may we conclude that he’s a selfish dunce?

We know that he’s conservative, but what does he conserve?

Are selfishness and ignorance all his cheeseheads deserve?  (1)


Ron Johnson cannot understand why all should get a shot.

If you’re protected, who cares if your neighbors die and rot?

Though Fauci says we all need shots to stop the Covid spread,

That something’s good for everyone can’t penetrate Ron’s head.


Conservatism: selfishness combined with ignorance?

But, even more important, is maintaining dominance.

So, is the image Ron projects, one likely to persuade

The voters to stick with him or give him a failing grade?


Republicans throughout the country fear the second one.

So they’re suppressing voting, for they think they’ll be undone.

If they can’t win elections, they’ll restrict whom they’ll let vote,

Preventing blacks and Democrats should help them stay afloat.


And, if they stay in office, what laws do they want to pass?

Just laws to stay in power, taxbreaks for the upper class?

If government does nothing else, Ron Johnson fits right in.

(To not care for your neighbors: why is that a grievous sin?)  (2)


If Senator Ron Johnson’s dumb and selfish qualities,

Are all Republicans demand, then he is sure to please

Wisconsinite constituents, if he should run once more;

Unless, of course, they’ve all died off, killed in the Covid war.


Republican recalcitrance plus some stupidity

Will nourish the pandemic and increase morbidity.

We’ll owe it to Ron Johnson, last week’s spokesman for the dumb.

And, in the House, Jim Jordan, searching for new depths to plumb.


  • “Cheesehead,” a common, if not very complimentary nickname for citizens of Wisconsin.
  • See Leviticus 19:18 and Matthew 22: 36-40. The first statement is from Yahweh Himself, the second from Jesus Christ.