Tempest Storm, Ecdysiast

Tempest Storm, Ecdysiast


Ms. Tempest Storm, ecdysiast, at 93, is gone.

She stripped into her 80s, “always leaving something on.”

She said that everything you saw was real and unenhanced.

And you saw damn near everything, whenever Tempest danced.


She wasn’t Alma Mahler; did no Stormy Daniels act.

She did have famous lovers, though; was JFK a fact?

If so, she did much better than Ms. Stormy claimed laid her,

For Donald Trump’s no JFK; I’m sure we’d all concur.


She never posed for Playboy so we never saw it all.       .

She always did some teasing as her clothing went AWOL.

“A tempest in a D cup,” said the lights on the marquee’,

She gave the folks their money’s worth for decades, all agree.


So, artist’s figure models and ecdysiasts, take heart.

Although the clock is ticking, you can all still play your part.

Ms. Tempest stripped into her 80s, so why shouldn’t you?

There’s always someone somewhere who would like to see the view.