April 22, No Voting, No Protesting

April 22, No Voting, No Protesting


Republicans don’t want you voting or protesting, either;

Especially if you’re Democrats or Black, you may do neither.

The purpose of elective office is to stay in power.

So Democrats and black folks better stay at home and cower.


Right-wingers think if everybody votes, they’re likely losers.

Deciding who should get to vote, right-wingers must be choosers.

If lefties hold a protest march, then they will be arrested,

At least, until the constitutionality is tested.


And, if you’re in a protest and run over by an auto,

The driver is immune, though you’ve been squashed like a tomato.

No voting, no protesting: could the right be any clearer?

Are they a threatened species; is extinction growing nearer?


Republicans don’t trust society when democratic.

It’s clear that they prefer society when autocratic.

So, if you want to vote, then change your color or your party.

And, if you don’t like something, any protest is foolhardy.