April 26, Is Trump Above the Law?

Is Donald Trump above the law? It’s clear that he thinks so.
He thinks he is the Grand Pooh-bah, who gives laws the heave-ho.
Could Trump act with impunity while he was President?
Which means, complete immunity, was Trump omnipotent?

This issue was caused by “the Don” and his crime family.
For them, all laws must be withdrawn, the Trump anomaly.
The Founding Fathers did not plan that such might come to pass,
They had no thought that such a man would tell all, “Kiss my ass.”

Trump wanted to stay President, though he knew he got beat.
Was it therefore no accident that he turned up the heat?
Did insurrection, in his mind, become a kosher act?
Or stay a crime, not redefined, for which he should be smacked?

For unofficial, private acts, are Presidents immune?
May they cheat on their income tax or hire a hitman goon?
And what if Trump’s AG would say, a crime is not a crime?
Must we let Donald skate away from all crimes all the time?

May presidents do anything that they all damn well please?
Are there no cases we can bring, for Donald Trump’s crime sprees?
Surreal, the overwhelming sleaze that Donald wants excused,
And if our highest court agrees, what next might be abused?

Are presidents allowed to kill as Putin is allowed?
That’s one way to keep critics still or fear to talk too loud.
We know that Donald breaks the rules in everything he’s done.
Trump does his business in cesspools; his moral compass: none.

If Trump were analyzed by Freud, would Sigmund tell us all
That Trump is someone to avoid, lest he bring on the Fall? (1)
For Donald Trump may cause a night from which no Sun can rise,
And bring on never-ending blight, where truth succumbs to lies.

(1) See the first three chapters of Genesis and the Fall of Adam and Eve.