April 24, David Pecker’s Poking Trump (parody to ‘Good King Wencelas’)

April 24, David Pecker’s Poking Trump (1)

David Pecker’s naming Trump
As he’s testifying:
The conspirators’ mugwump,
Who directs the lying.
Trump’s election strategy
Would require hush money
Both for Stormy perfidy
And the Playmate honey.

Trump is reprehensible.
That’s his standard style.
Conduct indefensible.
Now he is on trial.
Fox News anchors scurrying,
Paint him as a victim.
Donald Trump is worrying;
Facts all contradict him.

Donald Trump is desperate,
So, he is mendacious;
Lying is inveterate,
Claims are all fallacious.
Trials require evidence
And sworn testimony.
Trump relies on fraudulence
And spouting baloney.

Donald Trump, as president,
Wants to be dictator.
But he is an impudent,
Well-known fornicator.
Donald Trump has left behind
Stains on hotel pillows.
Putting Donald in a bind,
For his peckerdillos.

(1) May be sung to, “Good King Wenceslas.)