April 23, Trump’s Trial

Will Trump fall victim to his pecker and one more, named Dave?
Has Trump committed crimes or merely shown he can’t behave?
Now he’s in court, but in recess we’ll hear Trump rant and rave.
He’ll come out and he’ll tell the Press he’s not his pecker’s slave.

First, Trump screwed Stormy Daniels, which has stirred up quite a storm.
Was it part of a crime or was it simply Trump’s poor form?
The rest of Donald’s history says this is Donald’s norm.
And, also from his history, we know he’ll disinform.

And then he screwed a Playmate and paid off a bigger bill.
Or, rather, David Pecker did; it’s known as, “catch and kill.”
It seems that they’ve done this a lot, the standard Donald drill.
And now the law is giving Donald Trump a bitter pill.

Mike Cohen served as Donald’s lawyer, hosing off his slime.
Then Mike decided he’d come clean, and even did some time.
He said he worked with Trump and Pecker to conceal a crime.
Because he’s turned state’s evidence, he’s got Trump belching chyme.

To learn that Trump philandered might make Christian voters balk.
And lots of other voters think that they ought to take stock.
They needed to pay Stormy so she’d promise not to talk
And also pay the Playmate; that’s why Donald’s in the dock.

Mike Cohen paid off Stormy and then Trump paid Cohen back.
And much to Donald Trump’s chagrin, Mike Cohen has kept track.
Now, Donald’s showing symptoms, both GI and cardiac.
And soon, inside the court or out, we’ll see him blow his stack.

So, Cohen, Pecker, Trump conspired to pay off Donald’s debt,
Which Trump incurred when he went out and got his pecker wet.
The prosecution’s charges now will not let us forget.
The facts are pretty clear. Will Trump go down? How would you bet?