April 21, Putin’s Useful Idiots

Why doesn’t Margie Greene care if Vlad Putin takes Ukraine?
Does Margie parrot what Trump says, though it may be insane?
Most loyal Trumpists seem to think it’s fine to let Vlad win.
Vlad Putin is Trump’s hero; MAGAts like that kind of men.

Republicans in Congress are divided on Ukraine.
About half are for Putin, that old autocrat refrain.
The other half is for democracy, opposed to Greene,
Unlike the Trumpists, they don’t have an autocratic gene.

Rebuilding the USSR is Putin’s stated goal.
He won’t stop at Ukraine, which gives one ulcers as a Pole.
That doesn’t bother Margie Greene and those who think like her.
Their sole criterion is just: “Does Donald Trump concur?”

Trump’s sole criterion is just, “What can you do for me?”
Concern for anybody else, for Trump, is blasphemy.
He wants to be like Kim Jong Un and Xi and Vladimir.
Although, right now, he must go through some more rounds of voir dire.

Disinformation is the autocrat’s main stock in trade,
Creating his mythology so he will be obeyed.
Whatever he may say must be believed; all else is false,
For people must believe that their dictator has no faults.

So, watch out artists, and professors, those of darker hues,
And women, Jews, the natural prey that autocrats abuse.
If you’re “the other,” you’re a threat to Donald’s monarchy.
All different thinking tends to make dictators colicky.

Trump’s anal osculators: useful idiots for him,
Will help him seize the crown, democracy’s sad requiem.
Dictators take democracy and say, “Off with its head!”
Then useful idiots like Greene become their daily bread.

The rest of Congress passed a bill to send aid to Ukraine,
In spite of Margie Taylor Greene’s pro autocrat campaign.
American democracy still teeters on the brink,
Of losing all we’ve fought for because of what Trumpists think.