April 30, Trump Supporters

Donald Trump has fornicated,
As well as prevaricated.
Still we find he is supported
By weak men whom he’s castrated.

Men with characters distorted,
Even totally aborted,
Know the crimes Trump has committed
And gals with whom he cavorted.

Ethically, Trump is unfitted,
Daily, looking more dimwitted.
Though he’s even been indicted,
MAGAts’ moral judgements skidded.

Lindsey, Mitch, Bill Barr decided,
(Though their love is unrequited,)
All of them, like sheep, have bleated
Their support, although misguided.

Backbone transplants may be needed
For such MAGAts, who’ve retreated
From our nation’s goals as stated,
Favoring what Trump’s excreted.

Donald Trump has mutilated,
Ethics, norms, all unabated.
Men, with characters denuded,
Show us they’ve capitulated.

Donald, ruled by parts protruded,
Who, with autocrats colluded,
All propriety has gutted:
Moral rot that’s undisputed.