April 26, E. Jean Carroll (Parody to “Yankee Doodle”)

April 26, E. Jean Carroll (Sing to “Yankee Doodle”)


Donald Trump is back in court, much to his consternation.

  1. Jean Carroll’s suing him for rape and defamation.

She says Donald got it up, though it was unwanted.

Now her lawsuit tells the court that she’s forever haunted.


Donald diddled E. Jean Carroll up in Bergdorf Goodman.

Donald has denied it but we know he’s not a good man.

Now, will Donald have to pay?  That is still uncertain.

After decades, E. Jean Carroll’s pulling back the curtain.


When the Donald was deposed, he said he’d never met her.

But they’re in a photograph, so did Trump just forget her?

Donald said, “She’s not his type;” (so he wouldn’t screw her.)

She looked like his second wife, (so maybe he would do her.) (1)


Donald’s nasty in denial, charges E. Jean Carroll;

But he may be in big trouble; she saved her apparel.

Trump says he was never there and won’t pay a shekel.

But he may have left a stain that implicates his schmeckel. (2)


Donald says he won’t attend and won’t be testifying.

That may be a good decision; Donald can’t stop lying.

Donald Trump can’t tell the truth; ask a good fact-checker.

So, we’re tending to believe what he did with his pecker.


  • After denying that he had ever met E. Jean Carroll, Trump was shown a photograph of them together. He misidentified her as his second wife, Marla Maples.
  • Schmeckel is a Yiddish diminutive term for “penis,” related to “schmuck.”