April 25, Tucker Is Out (1)

April 25, Tucker Is Out (1)


Tucker Carlson’s fired from Fox,

Not because he spread the “pox.” (2)

Tucker cost Fox lots of cash,

A deep gash in Rupert’s stash.

So Fox slayed its sacred cow;

Tucker’s out, effective now.


Tucker fostered Donald’s lies

And we heard him elegize

Putin’s venture in Ukraine,

Firmly in the Russian lane.

Acting like a Russian stooge,

Openly, not subterfuge.


Tucker used to earn big bucks,

First among the Fox News schmucks.

No retirement fond farewell,

Rupert tossed him down a well.

Now what will poor Tucker do?

Wages for his sins came due.

No one thinks that Tucker’s nice;

Hostile workplace: here’s the price.

Lost his job and being sued:

Tucker is both crude and rude.

Anti woman, Semite, black,

Tucker’s “others” now punch back.


Tucker Carlson had to go

And without a final show.

Where else can he shepherd sheep?

Damn few folks were seen to weep.

His coworkers’ farewell toast:

“Sad to see you go—-almost.”


Fox News’ troubles are not done;

Rather, they have just begun.

Lawsuits bash their battlements,

Seeking higher settlements.

Who else was a Russian stooge?

Aprés Tucker, le déluge?  (3)


  • Sing to “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.”
  • In the 1500s in Europe, the Great Pox was syphilis, in contrast to the Smallpox. Pick your favorite.
  • Aprés moi, le déluge,” “After me, the flood,” attributed to Louis XV of France. It indicated that he did not give a “merde” what happened after he was gone.