April 29, Mike Pence Testifies

April 29, Mike Pence Testifies


Jack Smith made Mike Pence testify.  (1)

Although we all saw Mike Pence try

To not reveal all that he knew.

Now we must hope that Pence won’t lie.


Did Mike tell Jack all that he knew?

Was anything that Pence said new?

Exactly what did Trump tell Mike

About what Donald planned to do?


Discussions between Don and Mike

Might help Jack Smith pitch his third strike,

So Trump gets called out at the plate

And that’s the end of Donald’s Reich.


If Trump is called out at the plate,

From what Mike Pence had to relate,

Thus proving Donald planned 1-6,

Then Trump may have a prison date.


So, now Jack Smith looks at 1-6,

Aware of all the Donald’s tricks;

Because Mike Pence has testified,

Trump needs more help from Bolsheviks.


Because Mike Pence just testified,

Assuming that he has not lied,

The Donald may be up the creek

And paddleless to fight the tide.