September 19, Trump and QAnon

 September 19, Trump and QAnon


Did Donald Trump just get religion, joining QAnon? (1)

He wears their pin; the crowd salutes; he’s crossed the Rubicon. (2)

A culture war has broken out; Trump threatens violence.

Religiosity compounds the coming pestilence.


Democracy is threatened when elections are denied.

When Donald lost to Biden, Donald’s neural circuits fried.

Near half of all Republicans joined Trump in disbelief.

Reality was stolen but ‘twas Trump who was the thief.


Trump sees support is ebbing; true believers drop away.

But QAnon stays stalwart; they’re with Donald, come what may.

And Trump needs true believers, who will die (and kill?) for him.

The QAnon believers invite Donald to lead them.


For they’ll believe Trump’s nonsense, then commit atrocities. (3)

The Inquisition and Crusades claimed countless casualties.

The introduction of religious fervor serves Trump well.

Indictment or election loss may light the fires of Hell.


So Trump evangelizes; his disciples: QAnon.

They’ve proven easy to hoodwink, the type Trump preys upon.

An army of deranged adherents, who foresee “end times,”

Provides the perfect people to perpetuate Trump’s crimes.


Establishment Republicans do not repudiate,

Disinformation spread by Donald Trump, their reprobate.

Their candidates for office don’t support democracy.

It’s up to us, the voters, to prevent autocracy.


  • See Trump’s QAnon rally on Saturday, September 17, in Youngstown, Ohio.
  • In January, 49 BC, Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon River with his legions, thus violating longstanding prohibitions designed to prevent the taking of the Roman government by force. Now the phrase, “crossing the Rubicon,” implies taking an irreversible action.
  • “Whoever can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” This wise observation has been attributed to Voltaire.  As usual, scholars quibble about precise wording.