September 18, He’s Totally Nuts

September 18, He’s Totally Nuts


King Donald, the Putz

Is totally nuts,

His ravings, completely unhinged.

When fired from his job,

Trump stirred up a mob

All he got was his hemorrhoids singed.


Now, Trump’s blown a fuse

And must pay his dues.

Should that include going to jail?

A QAnon pin,

Mind in the trash bin,

Shows Donald’s brain starting to fail.


He flips and he flops;

He raves at the cops,

Specifically, the FBI.

They searched Donald’s place;

They’re built quite a case,

And justice smites Trump hip and thigh.


Indictment is near;

The evidence: clear,

That Donald Trump is just a crook.

The laws that he flouts

Should allay all doubts,

Tell Garland, “Go on, throw the book.”


A criminal case

And a civil case,

In fact there are several of both.

We know Trump tells lies

Which means he’ll despise

When he is deposed under oath.


If Donald stands trial,

Then, will durance vile

Await him when the verdict’s read?

Will Trump beat the charge,

Remaining at large,

Or serve time in jail ‘til he’s dead?