September 14, Vaccine Mandates

September 14, Vaccine Mandates


We’re all out of carrots; now, pick up a stick;

Give vaccine resisters a good, strong, swift kick.

Give shots to resisters, so fewer will die,

Although anti-vaxxers may still not comply.


Religious objections should be set aside.

They’re not based on scripture; (Pope Francis complied.)

And those who say, “Freedom” makes them slam the gate,

Don’t understand freedom; go on, vaccinate.


There are vaccine mandates now in every state,

For public school children, with little debate.

Yet GOP leaders claim Covid vaccine,

Mandated like others, is somehow obscene.


Hep B, DPT, MMR, all okay.  (1)

And Chickenpox, Polio, common today.

And, even in Red States, folks rarely object.

Religion can’t stop it; the State says, “Inject.”  (2)


What is it with Covid, “apoplecting” Red States?

They all have their own vaccination mandates.

Abortion restrictions, like Texas just passed,

Do not leave Red Staters downcast or aghast.


Perhaps it is fear Biden just might succeed

To end the pandemic if we all accede.

And, if Joe gets credit and Democrats “win,”

For GOP leaders, a cardinal sin.


  • Hep B: Hepatitis B. DPT: Diptheria, Pertussis, Tetanus.  MMR: Measles, Mumps, Rubella (“German” measles.)
  • The state of Mississippi does not allow religious objections to vaccination for enrolling in its public schools. Yet its governor strenuously objects to President Biden’s vaccination or weekly testing mandate.