September 13, Red State Governors  (Tune: Good King Wenceslas) 

September 13, Red State Governors  (Tune: Good King Wenceslas) 


Red State governors oppose

Biden’s vaccine mandates.

Anything Joe may propose,

They resist in Red States.

People dying day and night,

Most unvaccinated;

Covid deaths, an awful sight,

“Freedom,” overrated.


Cultivate the Trumpist base

And deny good science.

This may help win your next race,

Hence, your dumb defiance.

Wearing masks too much to ask,

When kids go to school.

Keep those Red States, anti-mask;

Make kids Covid fuel.


Covid fears vaccine mandates;

Vaccine will defeat it.

That’s why Covid likes Red States;

They will not impede it.

Science versus politics,

Anti-vaxxers lying,

Throw all these into the mix;

Keep Red Staters dying.


One more virus may be caught;

Here comes fall’s flu season.

Will the Trumpists get a shot?

If not, what’s the reason?

Annually, new flu vaccine,

Since flu is endemic.

Red States help Covid 19,

Maintain this pandemic.