September 12, More on Stupidity

September 12, More on Stupidity


How stupid do you have to be to fail to get your shot?

It’s safe, effective, and it’s free, yet some still say they’ll not.

Trump trumpets he gave us vaccine and did it at “warp speed.”

And he took “his” vaccine himself.  Why won’t his base accede?


Is their refusal just because Joe Biden’s president,

And they would rather die than give Joe Biden their consent?

The anit-vaxxers stay opposed but it was ever so.

Just sit down and read history; that’s what the data show.


And some refuse vaccine, proclaiming, “The Lord will provide.”

Do these folks find it sobering that lots of preachers died?

Religious folks have been opposed for several hundred years,

Since Jenner and Charles Darwin, they’ve opposed science frontiers.  (1)


And then, of course, there’s politics: today it’s the right wing

Opposing what the liberals want: whatever, everything.

Will Red State governors help Covid  to go on and on?

Will they do an “about face,” when Trump’s base is dead and gone?


So, all you anti-vaxxers, all you vaccine hesitant,

All you who’ll gladly risk your lives for your ex-president,

It’s the unvaccinated catching Covid, data show,

And, lots of you will be “long haulers,” you should also know.


Red Staters: kill your voters; while you’re at it, your kids, too.

Remove your genes from our gene pool and leave no residue.

Cry, “Freedom!” as you’re gasping, lying in the ICU.

And, know this; if you die, damn few will say that they miss you.


  • Edward Jenner developed the cowpox vaccine for smallpox in 1796.

Charles Darwin published his “Origin of Species,” in 1859.  Jenner’s vaccine was opposed by some clergy on the grounds that smallpox was obviously part of God’s plan since it had been with us as long as anyone could remember.  Darwin’s theory of evolution directly contradicted the creation stories in Genesis, thereby offending even more clergy.